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Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to Jim!

Yesterday Chris and I drove to Ontario for Jim’s birthday party, and had a great time!  We bbq’d and were able to eat outside (which I love) and got to watch the boys run through the sprinklers.  I am very thankful to have such great in-laws who have always made me feel like a member of the family… so thanks you guys (if you’re reading this)!!  : ) 


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One more thing…

I meant to stick this at the end of the last post, but I forgot…  I wanted to show off the cute hat that I knit for the new baby!  It is made out of a super soft cashmere-merino blend (cleverly called cashmerino) that feels wonderful!  Hopefully it will fit the baby’s head so he or she can enjoy the luxury!  : )

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Lavender Festival

So, out by Lake Lowell there is an old farm that every year hosts a Lavender Festival (see more at  My parents went yesterday and said it was lots of fun, and that they had lavender lemon snow cones!  Well, I am a sucker for snow cones and so after lunch today, my dad, sister, brother, brother in law, and I all headed over to check it out.  Beth and Casey picked some lavender to take home, and we all got snow cones (we all got lavender lemon except for Matt, who chose cherry).  I wasn’t too sure about how a lavender snow cone would taste, but it was so good.  I’ll definitely go back next year just for those!

Casey cuts some lavender while Beth looks on

Beth shows off her loot

My dad, Matt and I watched the fun from the shade. : )

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Just wanted to say that I updated the About section of the blog so that it actually pertains to me now.  There are some pictures up there so head on over and check them out!

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Weekend Fun!

Well, I started this blog quite some time ago and I suppose it’s been dormant for long enough.  So here it goes…

Over this last weekend, my friend Emily and her family came to stay with Chris and me for one of our good friend’s wedding (the brand new Jennifer Hordemann!).  Emily and I have been friends since we were two and a half years old, and so it is always fun to see her and catch up.  We had such a great time sitting around and chatting, and I was so sad to see them go… I really wish they would move back to Idaho!  Emily and Chad (her husband) have a very sweet little daughter named Kennedy who is almost three, and who was very entertaining for us all.  She is such a kick in the pants!

Well, that’s all about I have to say for my first post.  The laundry is calling my name and I suppose it wouldn’t kill me to make some dinner, so I think I’ll get started on those.  Happy reading to those who check this blog, and I’ll try to post fairly regularly.  No promises, though.  : )

Emily, Jenn and me!

Emily, Jenn and me!

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