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Adding to the nursey

A couple of weeks ago, Chris’ parents bought us a crib and Chris and I got a dresser that we will also use as a changing table.  We had to wait for it to be shipped (which felt like a very long time), and we finally got to pick it up yesterday (which, by the way, was also our 5 year anniversary!!).  My brother was nice enough to come over and help Chris assemble it, and they got it done in like 30 minutes!  I was just thankful that I didn’t have to help…  I stayed busy plopped on the couch watching the olympics.  : )  I did, however, manage to get off my bum for a few minutes to take some pictures of them assembling.

For those interested, the above pictures were actually taken in our guest room, not the baby’s room.  I also took some pictures (although not great pictures) of the completed projects.

My mom took a picture of Chris and me standing in the nursery (the very cluttered, not at all put together yet nursery) with our brand new furniture!

It’s kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but Chris painted the nursery a beautiful shade of green.  It’s so soothing and exactly what I wanted… I was very, very pleased with the results!!  Good job, Chris!  I’ll post more pictures as the nursery comes together a little more, but wanted to get these first few ones out there for the world (well, the handful of you who read this) to see.  Oh, and just so you don’t think that we are incorporating the red and orange hide-a-bed into our nursery decor, I’ll let you know that Matt will be taking that to his dorm room in about a week and a half.  : )


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Good day to be a cat…

Our little cat-man Astro is an inside kind of boy, so he gets very excited when I let him go out in his KittyWalk… 

He was having all kinds of fun pouncing on bugs,

basking in the sun,

and eating lots and lots of grass.

He’s a happy little cat, indeed.  : )

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Finally an ultrasound!

Chris and I finally got to see a picture of our baby on Monday!  I didn’t have a first trimester ultrasound and was feeling a little deprived that everybody else I knew got photographic proof that they were actually pregnant, and all I got was a rapidly expanding waistline (and hipline and thighline and bumline).  It was so exciting to finally see the little kiddo!  We do not want to find out the gender (until birth, in which case we’d like a definite answer to that question), and the baby must have heard us talking because he/she kept their legs crossed the entire time.   What a modest child we have!!  : )  We both feel so blessed to be entering this phase of our lives, and thank God daily for this miracle that is quickly taking shape!  
Baby with umbilical cord swirlies in the background

Baby with umbilical cord swirlies in the background

Keeping those legs crossed!

Keeping those legs crossed!

Sucking the thumb

Sucking the thumb


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