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One of Chris’ best friends from college came with his wife to stay with us this weekend (I’m really not 100% satisfied with the syntax of the previous sentence, but I’ve written it out approximately seven times now and am really getting sick of it.  So it’s going to stay that way.).  T.J. and Aubrey are great, and Chris and I always have a lot of fun with them.  It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen them, so we have had a really fun time catching up! 
The boys have done all sorts of fun things like playing the Wii…
Note T.J.'s intense concentration look...

playing in city league football games (they won!)…


The supportive wives : )

and playing in golf tournaments (they won, also)!

Aubrey and I went to get a pedicure (which was so relaxing) but I don’t have any pictures of that so you’ll all just have to imagine how it looked.  : )


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Harvest Classic

So my goal for running while pregnant was to run until I was 30 weeks along.  A couple of days ago I went running (I was 30 weeks and 2 days) and only made it about a mile before I really started having some contractions.  I decided to stop running and start walking right about then.  I have been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for a while now, but it’s a little disconcerting to have contractions suddenly hit after activity… sooo… I think my running days are officially over until after the baby comes.  😦 

However, my friend Chelsea was nice enough to do the  Harvest Classic 2 mile walk with me this morning so that I could still feel somewhat athletic.  She is the same one that I did the Famous Potato Half Marathon with earlier in my pregnancy and she has been so sweet to continue to work out with me even though my “workouts” are not quite what they used to be.  Thanks Chelsea!  : )

Please excuse the fact that I have enormous bags under my eyes in every picture taken of me in the last few months… I have not been sleeping well.  : )

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A picture! And I look pregnant!

Chris and I went to Beth and Casey’s for dinner tonight, and Beth was kind enough to photograph me looking oh-so-pregnant…  So here it is!  Oh, and thanks for dinner!!  Love you both!

This is me at 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

This is me at 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

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Small update… still no pictures :(

Well, I’m a genius.  I finally broke down and went to Costco to buy a new SD card today, and boy was I feeling proud of myself!  Here’s what I knew about my old card: it was made by SanDisk.  So I went to the camera department at Costco, found the SanDisk section, grabbed a card, and left.  I even called a friend and informed them that I just bought an SD card and would be posting shortly.  Sigh.  I get home and am inserting the card into my camera and am thinking to myself “Hmm, this card looks smaller than my other card, and my old card won’t fit in this new card’s little plastic container.  That’s stupid.”  Now, these thoughts don’t waylay my efforts for inserting the card, they are just musings at this point.  Eventually I inserted the card far enough into my camera to realize that it was really not the appropriate size and that now I can’t get it out and, oh, look at that, nowhere on the packaging does it say SD card.  It says MemoryStick PRO.  Awesome.  But it does say SanDisk.

So I’ll need to return that.  Or rather, Chris will need to return that, because I’m sure I’ll start blushing and spouting out this story to the return person, even though a simple “I accidentally bought the wrong thing” would certainly suffice.  So instead of posting pictures as I thought I would be doing, I’m going to go dig through the garbage because I already threw away the receipt, then I’m going to tape the box back together that I mutilated in my excitement to get my “SD card.” 

I’m not sure if this is fair or not, but somehow, I blame the baby (sorry baby, but someday, when you do something stupid, I promise I’ll let you blame it on me, okay?).

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Okay, okay…

Well, because I am, um, particular(that sounds better than anal, right?), I had to check how many posts I actually had in August.  Apparently I had three, but they were isolated to two days so really, I wasn’t that far off in my previous post.  : )  And look at that, now I already have two posts for September!  Woohoo!  This month is looking good!

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Where does the time go?

Well, here it is September already and I think I only posted twice (!) in August.  Sigh.  I have actually been very busy with work, and when I get done with work and the gym I just want to plop on the couch and veg for the evening.  I’ve been consistently working more than 40 hour weeks, and between that and the endoscopy call that I have to take, blogging has fell by the wayside.  Sorry.  I’m sure you’ve all been on pins and needles wondering when the next blog post will be.  : )

I really don’t even have anything exciting to write about.  I took some pictures of our yard in its summer finery that I was going to post as a precursor to the fall finery pictures that I’m sure I’ll post later, but my computer isn’t wanting to read my SD card… sooo…. my words alone will have to suffice.  On the pregnancy front, I’m still feeling great.  I’m officially in my third trimester now and am amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is progressing!  The baby’s movements are getting stronger and stronger and it is such a cool feeling!  This morning I was feeling all kinds of swirling and kicking and figured the baby was probably doing somersaults or something.  : )  Chris and I are getting more excited every day and feel so thankful to be going through this.  It really is a miracle and we can’t wait to meet the end result!

Well, I’m going to try and figure out what’s wrong with my SD card/computer, and if I do, I’ll post my pictures later.  I’m also in the process of trying to catch Astro performing his very silly uphill balance beam act, and if I ever catch that on camera, I will definitely post that because words just will not do it justice.  His weirdness astounds me.  : )  Hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend, I know I have (even though I did get called in twice – so far…)!

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