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Other Miscellaneous Tidbits Regarding Cannon Beach

There are a few more things that I wanted to write about our vacation, and I decided I’d better hurry up and do that before all motivation is lost.  The first thing that I wanted to brag write about is that I actually went hiking.  Now, I am not the most outdoorsy of gals, but Chris really enjoys hiking so I thought I’d be a lovely wife and go with him.  I know that these weren’t the most adventurous or daring of hikes, but hey, I was 31 weeks pregnant and Chris’ll take what he can get.  And actually, one of the hikes was listed in a brochure as being “for the more advanced hiker.”  Ha!  Who would have thought I’d ever be able to stake claim to being an advanced hiker!  Well, that’s enough of my words about hiking… here are some pictures!
On this part of the hike, there were snakes about six inches from my feet.  And I'm unfortunately not exaggerating.










One thing that I noticed this time at Cannon Beach was that there was a lot of junk on the sand.  Not like trash or anything, but it just seemed like there was more debris than I remembered.  So I took pictures of debris.  How lucky are you all that you get to look at what washed up?!  : ) 

We saw many ill-fated jelly fish…

and a whole lot of seaweed/kelp things that I call Sea Whips…


we also saw other ocean flora that I call Sea Corsages…

and finally, the find that I was most excited about was a huge bone!!  I figured it was maybe from a whale, or an elephant, or a really big person.  I wasn’t sure where it came from but I was excited!  At least until Chris pointed out that it was just a baseball bat.  Oh well.


In case you’re wondering, even after all of our hiking and beachcombing, we still found plenty of time for rest and relaxation… something that I am very good at.  Chris?  Not so much.  He gets too squirrely.  : )







I’m sure that most of you reading this know that I absolutely love animals.  I even rescue worms that are close to drying up on the sidewalk after a heavy rain and put them back near the grass.  So, you can imagine how excited I was to be staying at a place that boasts YARD BUNNIES!  They are these wonderfully cute little bunnies that live in the courtyard and eat clover all day.  They were so cute!  Whenever I would walk over to one of them and crouch down, they would all run to me and look at me expectantly, as if to ask “What did you bring us?  Maybe some lettuce or a delicious bit of cookie?”  Unfortunately, I never had any food for them so they pretty much just ran away, throwing a disappointed glance over their little fur shoulders.






Well, amazingly enough, I still have many more pictures of our vacation, but I think I’ve pretty much hit the highlights.  I am so glad that I was able to get away with Chris before the baby gets here!  I am very thankful to have such a wonderful husband who (whom?) I not only love dearly, but also like a whole lot, too!  Thanks for a great vacation, Chris!  Love you!


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Beautiful Cannon Beach

This last week Chris and I went on vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon (which I think is pretty much the most beautiful place in the world).  We decided that we needed one big last hurray before the baby comes and changes our lives completely.  : )  We had a fantastic time and the weather was great until the very last day!  There is a bakery there  (Waves of Grain) that we frequented every day… it is so delicious.  I mean, it’s the kind of delicious that makes it totally and absolutely worth every single calorie that you are consuming.  I didn’t even have one ounce of guilt after eating there… it’s that good.  Their coffee is great, the scones just melt in your mouth and the cookies deserve a post all their own.  They have a molasses cookie that after eating there last year, I actually dreamedabout eating periodically throughout the next year.  Below on the left, you will see a blueberry scone, a molasses cookie and a one eyed Willy.  On the right (sorry the picture’s not great) you will see another delicous treat called the Swedish Cream.  Mmmmmmmmm.






I just realized that I got so excited about the food that I didn’t show any pictures of Cannon Beach.  For those of you who have not been there, I really cannot emphasize enough how stunning the beach is.  The pictures just can’t do it justice.  There is a huge rock there named Haystack Rock (I think it’s the country’s third largest monolith at approximately 235 feet tall) that has some skinnier rocks clustered around it called the Needles.  While they are certainly the most recognizeable of Cannon Beach’s features, there are so many spectacular sights!  Behold the beauty of Cannon Beach:





















Well, I have a lot more to write about our vacation, but Chris is almost home from the golf course so I’m going to go get dinner started (and by “get dinner started” I mean preheat the oven to get it ready for the frozen pizza).  I’ll definitely be posting more vacation photos later, though, and even some with Chris and me in them!

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