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Sweet Baby Girl

Well, Kate is five days old today and I can’t believe how fast time flies.  Both Chris and I are having so much fun with her!  I think that we were both kind of surprised at how time consuming it is being a parent, but we are adjusting well.  Kate actually slept really well the last couple of nights (which means we slept a lot better, too) and I think Kate and I are starting to figure each other out a little more when it comes to feeding.  I’m sure there will be more bouts of frustration and tears for all of us, but overall Chris and I couldn’t be happier.  God is so good!  We thank Him daily for bringing this little blessing into our lives. 

I know that some of you are curious about my labor and delivery… and some of you aren’t.  : )  For those of you who don’t want that much information, feel free to skip ahead to the cute pictures at the end of this post.  For those of you who do, please read on.  I won’t be too graphic, I promise.  : )

So, Chris and I got to the birthing center at 7:30 am as per our instructions (I was being induced, for those of you who didn’t know).  I got checked and was still only dilated to a 1 but had advanced to 90% effaced.  I was given the cytotec, watched for 30 minutes and then Chris and I were told we could leave, but to be back in two hours.  We went back home and had some breakfast and then headed over to the rec center to  walk, walk, walk.  When we got back to the birthing center we both just relaxed and hung out with family.  I had started having contractions about every 15 minutes apart, but they didn’t hurt at all.  At about 12:30 my doctor came by and broke my water.  I was still only dilated to a 1.5 at this point and pretty much thought I’d be in labor forever.  And, wow, was I wrong.  About 15 minutes after she broke my water, I started having contractions that were coming every 3-5 minutes and these ones I could definitely feel.  I labored like this for a while and then got checked again at 2:30.  At this point I was dilated to a 4 and was really starting to hurt.  I was trying to use all my pain management techniques, but was starting to get a little nervous (“What the heck was I thinking?!  Why did I want to do this with no pain medicine?!  Is it too late to sign up for a c-section?!”).  I’ll spare you all the gory details, but suffice it to say that from 2:30 when I was a 4 and 5:15 when I was a 10, I hurt… a lot.  Chris said it was like watching me get tortured and that’s pretty much how it felt.  However, I must say that as bad as the contractions got, they always ended and I always got a break.  I was falling asleep for 30 second periods in between contractions and was so thankful to have that little bit of a rest.  Even during transition (which, thankfully, only lasted about 15 minutes) I remember thinking how thankful I was that the contractions didn’t seem that long.  While I was pushing, Kate’s heart rate started dropping to around 85 and staying there, so I had to wear some oxygen and when that didn’t help a whole lot, my doctor told me she was going to cut an episiotomy to hurry and get the baby out.  During the next contraction she started to cut and I started to tear and we’ll just leave it at that.  So the baby came out (with the cord wrapped around her neck, although thankfully not pulled too tight), my doctor announced that she was a girl and I have never felt such immense love and joy and relief all at the same time.  I couldn’t believe that we had a daughter and I was so glad to be done with labor!  I got to hold Kate immediately and was happy to hear her loud cry and see her very pink skin.  I have never been so happy to hear a baby crying in my entire life!  I was so instantly in love with this little baby that it just blew my mind! I also remember looking over at Chris and thinking that I had never loved him so much, either.  He was amazing during the entire labor and delivery and I absolutely could not have done it without him.  So there you have it, my birth story.  Hopefully that wasn’t too much information and thanks for reading it all!  On to the cute pictures of our sweet little Kate!  Thanks to Matt for taking these (and many more) adorable pictures!




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Baby Kate, One Day Old

Hello, Beth again.  I spent several hours at Chris and Erica’s holding Kate.  Big thanks to Chris who let me be so selfish with her!  And, I must brag … She smiled at me!!  Totally made my day 🙂


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Introducing Katherine Marie Jensen!!

Hello, Beth here.  I wanted to update you all on my brand-new niece!!

Kate was born at 5:42 pm on Tuesday, November 25.  She weighs an even 7 pounds and is beautiful as can be!!  She looks just like Chris to me, but with Erica’s hair.  When I held her, it took every ounce of strength not to eat her right up.  She is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait until Erica goes back to work so I can have her all to myself one day a week!! : ) Just kidding, sis!

Erica is doing well, although pretty weak.  I’m sure she can fill you in on more of the details when she gets home! : )

Enough chit-chat … let’s get to the pictures already!






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The belly!

Here is my protruding abdomen.  I think this was taken right at 38 weeks, and shockingly, I feel like I’m even bigger now!


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New Old Rocking Chair

In my previous post I wrote about the antique rocking chair that we would be getting soon… well here it is!  My parents brought it over tonight and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  This is the baby’s great-great-great aunt’s rocking chair.  Pretty cool, huh?!  : )





Thanks mom and dad!!!

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Nursery Pics!

After much prodding, I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of the nursery.  Now keep in mind that the nursery is not completely finished as we are waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl so that we can supplement the nursery decor.  So let’s start the tour of our little nursery, shall we?

First up, we have the crib,


next, you’ll see the crib next to the bookcase (exciting, huh?).  : )


On the other side of the room is the changing table that is currently stacked with a shelf that isn’t up and some boks that aren’t on the bookshelf (hey, I need a project for later this week!).


Later this week, there will be a super cool antique rocking chair to the left of the changing table.  It’s currently being reupholstered, though, so it couldn’t make it into the picture.  Also, the other miscellaneous items in the picture will, I assure you, have found a home that is much more organized than now (strewn about the floor).

Next up on the tour is the piece that I am probably most excited about… the cradle!  This is a cradle that my Papa built back in the 1950’s that my mom slept in (I slept in it, too, just for the record)!  My mom was sweet enough to repaint it (preserving the vintage stickers, of course) and make a new mattress for it.  I am so excited about this cradle!  Chris and I will have it in our room in the beginning, and then we’ll see where it goes.








So there you have it!  The nursery as it is right now!  I will post more pictures after the baby comes so that you all can see more of the finished project.

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Lost in Translation

We were all over at my parent’s house this evening for dinner, and (as per usual) I was rummaging around in the pantry for extra snacks.  I came across this candy from Japan and laughed out loud when I read what was written on the packaging.  Click on the picture to enlarge it and enjoy the hilarity!!





In case you can’t read the packaging, it states:

In translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady.  Enjoy soft and juicy Kasugai Muscat Gummy.

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