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Well, I think we found a house!  I don’t want to say that it’s 100% sure that we’ll get it, because then it seems like something weird will happen and it will fall through.  I’ll call it 97% sure.  Anyway, the house is great.  It’s in a great subdivision that has a pool and a playground that I’m sure Kate will enjoy later, it’s back on the side of town that I like (because it’s the side that I grew up on) and it has so much storage!!!  I was beginning to get so stressed out because it seemed as though we would never find something, but you know what?  The Lord really knows what He’s doing, because even when it seemed like we kept getting denied (we had put offers on two other houses), little did we know that this gem of a house was just waiting for us!  This house was such an amazing deal and I am so, so thankful we found it (well, actually our realtor found it, but whatever).  Praise the Lord!  I don’t have any pictures yet, but I will post some soon.  We had the inspection done today and thankfully there aren’t any major problems.  There are quite a few little things to be done, though.  However, most of these things do not need to be done prior to moving in, so we can kind of fix things at our own pace.  As of right now, the plan is to close on our house and the new house on May 8 and then move that weekend.  What a fun Mother’s Day present!!  A new house!!  : )


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Happy Easter!

We had a very nice Easter here at the Jensen household, so I thought I’d share it with ya’ll.  We went to church this morning and then headed over to Chris’ parent’s house to spend time with them, Kevin, Jessie and the boys.  This morning I was holding Kate and looking out the window while talking to her about how wonderful it was that we got to watch a beautiful sunrise on a day when we celebrate the Son rising.  I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter and for an empty tomb!! 

My parent’s bought Kate a darling Easter dress, and of course I have to post pictures!  This is her sitting with her first Easter basket from mommy and daddy:



And this is her showing off her basket and dress… note how she so expertly shows off the details at the waist.  : )

I hope you all had great Easters, too!

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So, last week Chris and I decided that we would try selling our house.  We know the market’s terrible, but we figured that now was as good a time as any to try to get into a bigger house that we can stay in for awhile.  We figured that maybe by the end of the summer we could sell our house.  Ha!  

Our story begins on Tuesday night when the for sale sign was placed in our yard.  Wednesday was when our house was officially listed and that morning I got a call from a realtor to show the house.  Weird, I thought.  Probably just a fluke and we won’t have another showing for a month.  But then we showed it again on Thursday.  And we got another call on Friday.  And then three calls on Saturday afternoon.  By then, the calls didn’t even matter because we had already accepted an offer on Saturday morning!!!

We are both a little shell shocked and feeling a wee bit overwhelmed since we have to be out by the 30th of this month.  Oh boy. But wait, the story gets even better.  Kate and I are going to be leaving in a little over a week to go to California for 5 days, and the day after we get home, Chris is leaving with the golf team for 4 days.  That means we have very little time left with both of us home in which to pack.  Like 15 or 16 days.  Check back for updates on my sanity.

Here’s a picture of our old house…  Goodbye house!  You’ve been a very nice place to live!


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