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Welcome Will!

William Christopher Jensen entered the world at 7:52 this morning weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and measuring 20.25 inches long.  He is SUCH a cutie!!  Chris, Kate and I went to go visit him this evening and he was very tired since he worked so hard today.  : )  (Actually, he was quite alert, you just can’t tell from this picture.)  Jessie did beautifully and popped that kiddo out very quickly.  Good job, Jess!  : ) 

Congratulations Kevin, Jessie, Carson and Ethan!!

Another brand new cousin!

Another brand new cousin!


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Clap those hands, Baby!!

Just today, Kate started trying to clap her hands… so cute!  We tried to capture it, but she always gets so distracted when the camera comes out.  Oh well!  You’ll get the gist.  : )

Thanks to my Aunt Kathy for bringing over this great toy, she loves it!

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Day at the Pool

Today after Chris got off work we took Kate down to the neighborhood pool for her very first swimming experience.  She had a great time!  She even got splashed in the face by a bigger kid and just blinked, wiped off her face and looked at me like “that was weird, oh well!”  During our time at the pool she kicked, splashed, laughed and fell asleep on the two minute drive home.  All in all, not a bad evening for our sweet little peanut.  : )

All dressed and waiting for Daddy to come home!

All dressed and waiting for Daddy to come home!



Kate watching the older kids play chicken... she was impressed.

Kate watching the older kids play chicken... she was impressed.




As a side note, the swimsuit that Kate is wearing is actually my old swimsuit from when I was her age!  Pretty cool, huh?!  : )

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Kate & Lucy

The first of many, many cousins pictures...

The first of many, many cousins pictures...

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Fun with babies!

Today was a good day for babies!  It started off with Kate having her very first playdate with little miss Ava.  Ava lives in Washington, so unfortunately we won’t get to have these playdates too often, but both little girls really seemed to have fun.  Ava is just six weeks older than Kate so they seemed to be enjoying the same types of toys and activities.  Kate also got to witness Ava actually jump in the jumperoo (as opposed to marching, what Kate does), so maybe she’ll decide to start doing that since it looked like so much fun [edited to add:  I absolutely love Kate’s marching, but she has a lof of fun jumping when I help her, so hopefully she will figure out how to do that on her own]! 


After Kate’s playdate, my mom, Kate and I went over to Beth and Casey’s house to visit sweet little Lucy.  Beth and Casey both got a nap in, and my mom and I both got some cuddle time with Lucy… definitely a win-win situation.  : ) 

precious mama and baby time

precious mama and baby time


All three Crails are doing very well.  There was a bit of a scare last night with Lucy which earned her an overnight stay in the hospital, but she is doing beautifully now.  Beth looks wonderful and Casey looks like one proud daddy!  I’m sure Beth will be blogging soon to update everybody on their brand new baby girl and posting even more pictures of their little sweetie.  She is very loved!!

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Welcome Lucy!

Lucy Elizabeth Crail arrived at 1:05 today!  I’ll let Beth give you more of the details, but she did GREAT!!!  These pictures aren’t the best because they’re just from my phone, but I’m sure Beth and Casey will post some better ones later.  Beth already updated her blog (!), so head on over to check it out!



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Hodge Podge

Well, I’m not a very good blogger. Better than some, sure, but not good.  Here’s a little sampling of what’s been going on in our neck of the woods…

Astro is adjusting nicely to the new house.  We put a bird feeder up outside of a window that he is really enjoying watching.  Such a silly little kitty.  : )

"Maybe if I'm very still, a bird will fly through this window..."

"Maybe if I'm very still, a bird will fly through this window..."


In honor of Matt’s departure, we went to P.F. Chang’s last week for some yummy, yummy food.  I did take some pictures in the restaurant, but apparently I was being a little embarrassing, so I stopped.  I resumed my photographic documentation once we got outside, but I had to be sneaky.  Thus the backs of the family.



After dinner, we went back to my parent’s house to have a little more hang out time.  Kate got some good Uncle Matt time in!




We miss you, Matt!!!!!!!

Beth and Casey hosted a great Independence Day party (and one day before her due date… she’s amazing!).  We had delicious food, good company and of course, the annual Pop It war.




What else has been going on?  Well, we’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kelpie Crail (not her real name) and Baby Three Jensen (his real name… just kidding).  Miss Crail was set to arrive three days ago, but is taking her sweet time in getting here.  Mr. Jensen is due to make his arrival July 24th.  Whenever these babies do arrive, they are sure going to be met with lots and lots of hugs and kisses!

That’s it!  Now you’re caught up!  : )

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