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That Kate… she’s sure cute!

Yep, I think my daughter is pretty stinkin’ cute.  So here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Not too much to report other than Kate has started standing up in her crib and isn’t sure how to get back down.  This makes for many, many trips into her room to lay (lie? I can’t remember the rule) her back down.  So, any tips from you veteran parents would be greatly appreciated!



showing off her BIG bow

showing off her BIG bow


hanging out at my old table  : )

hanging out at my old table : )



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Times are changing…

Beth just posted about how babies do, in fact, grow up so quickly. How it’s not a cliche or a figure of speech, but rather an astonishing fact of life.

Boy, am I reminded of this on a daily basis.

On Friday, Chris and I were packing for a quick trip to Cascade with some friends. Kate was sitting on the floor in our room and Chris had walked into the closet to grab some clothes. He turned around and Kate had followed him into the closet (crawling army style). What? When did our baby start following us around? On Friday, apparently. : )

On Sunday when we got home, I was walking Kate around the family room when she just let go of my hands. And stayed standing up. Hmmm. Now, she only stayed up for a few seconds, but it left me in awe! When did she turn into such a big girl?!!

So now, when people say things like, “kids, they grow up so fast,” I can now nod my head enthusiastically and toss in some stories corroborating this fact instead of rolling my eyes. So I suppose I’m still growing up a little, too!

our little growing girl

our little growing girl

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