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The cutest little chicken and pumpkin you’ll ever see




CUTE COUSINS! *sidenote* Kate's not still using a pacifier, but she likes to chew on one when she's teething. Okay, that's all. ūüôā

This last picture is not related to Halloween, but it’s awfully sweet.¬† : )


And, big news, Kate started walking!!¬† She looks like such a big girl and seems pretty pleased with herself.¬† I took a video of her doing it, but she fell at the end and bonked her head so I feel bad posting it.¬† I’ll get another one where she doesn’t get injured at the end and post that.¬† : )


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sweet hubby, sweet daddy


Yep, this is what my sweet husband would do every Saturday morning while I went out running.¬† I’d come home to a glass of ice water waiting on the counter for me and¬†the entire house vacuumed.¬† Even the stairs.¬†¬†

023 025

Not only is he so sweet to me, he is amazing with Kate.¬† She loves getting to play with daddy when he gets home from work and had a great time playing the guitar with him.¬† I think I’ll keep Chris, he’s a good one.¬† : )

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Linder Farms

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Linder Farms.¬† It was quite cold but Kate did really well being out for an extended amount of time.¬† When we first arrived, we visited the petting zoo since Kate absolutely loves animals.¬† I think she was a little nervous because the animals were much bigger than anything she’s seen up close before.¬† There was a camel, an alpaca, two newborn alpacas (I thought they kind of looked like dinosaurs because their long necks weren’t hairy… very cute, though!), a pony, a calf, sheep, goats and a cat.¬† I don’t think the cat was actually a part of the petting zoo, but we stopped to pet it nonetheless.¬† : )¬†

"Don't put me down, okay Mom?  I'm not too sure about those things!"

"Don't put me down, okay Mom? I'm not too sure about those things!"


After we left the petting zoo, we set out to pick some pumpkins.¬† There were these crazy stickers that got onto everything so Kate didn’t actually get to get down and pick out her own.¬† Oh well, next year.¬† We found some good ones and my parents snapped a picture of our first family pumpkins.

One of our pumpkins is missing in this picture... not sure where it was.

One of our pumpkins is missing in this picture... not sure where it was.


With pumpkins in hand, we took a hay ride back to the farm (That sounds funny to me.  Took a hay ride?  Hopped on a hay ride?  Rode on a hay ride?  How do you say that?!).



After the hay ride, we drank some delicious hot chocolate and apple cider and ate corn dogs, hamburgers and some delicious roasted corn.  Seriously, it was amazing.  We had a great time and will look forward to going back next year!

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Well, I did not get to run in my half marathon on Sunday.¬† Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Chris and I were having my three friends who were running with me and their spouses/boyfriend over for a very big dinner on Saturday night (because, really, the best thing about running long distances is having zero guilt about eating a lot).¬† Saturday morning I felt fine, Saturday afternoon?¬† Not so much.¬† I had to cancel dinner, which made me mad because I had already purchased all of the supplies for dinner AND started preparing the food.¬† Later in the day it was becoming clear that I probably wouldn’t be able to run, either.¬† I texted my three friends and let them know and then cried and cried and cried and cried.¬† I was (and still am) so frustrated to be missing out on this race because not only was it a goal to complete another half marathon before Kate’s first birthday, I also felt really good about this race.¬† My friends and I had trained really well, my times were faster than they’ve ever been and mentally I just felt so ready to tackle the race.¬† So, Sunday morning rolled around and instead of riding over to the race with my buddies, I requested for Chris to take me to the doctor because I felt absolutely horrible.¬† My mom came over to watch Kate, Chris and I headed out to the doctor, and we came back¬†about¬†forty five minutes later with the lovely diagnosis of H1N1 influenza.¬† Sounds scary, but thankfully I’m already feeling much better.¬† Still though, stupid Swine Flu ruined my race!!!!!!

I had envisioned posting these pictures with me actually in them, but this one will have to do.¬† Here we have Chelsea, Alyssia and Candice – three of my best friends who have been so great to train with these last four months.¬† Hopefully I’ll get to post race pictures with me in them at some point…


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