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Who is this big girl?

Is it just me, or does Kate look like she’s about 7 in this picture??

Kate’s hair has been growing a ton lately, and so I decided to go get some fun headbands to help hold back her bangs (I’m not ready to take the plunge and get her a hair cut yet).  She doesn’t keep them on unless I distract her immediately after putting them on.  So it goes something like this:

I slip the headband onto Kate’s head.  Kate’s hands immediately fly up to her hair and start pulling.   I start saying things like “Hey!  Woohoo!  Hey!” and start tickling her wildly.  If this is effective, Kate will finish giggling and then walk away having totally forgotten that something is on her head.  I wonder how  much longer I’ll be able to pull that trick.  : )  Anyway, here are a couple more pictures of her crazy headband hair.

Finally, here’s a picture that’s from Christmas that I just think is soooo cute.  Kate absolutely adores Astro!  Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.  : )


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This matches, right?

So, you know how when you have a lot of laundry that piles up, and then you get it all done and you just kind of want to admire the empty hamper for awhile?  That’s where I was today.  I had just put my last load into the washer, and returned the hamper to our room.  I actually did open up the hamper just to admire the emptiness.  Then I went and ate a bowl of ice cream to celebrate (bowl 1 of 3 for the day… fyi) and dropped a big glob of chocolate sauce smack dab in the middle of my white shirt.  Arrrrgh!!!!  My perfectly empty hamper moment was over!  Then I realized that I had a brown cardigan on and that the chocolate sauce matched.  So I wore it like that all day. 

Because I know people don’t read this blog just for my musings, I’ll add some cute pictures, just to maintain readership.  🙂

Kate checking out her new piano on Christmas morning

Kate and Lucy in their matching Christmas jammies

All tuckered out from sooo many presents!  : )

Love this girl!!!

Yay!  Uncle Matt's home!!!!!

And again, yay!  Matt's home!!!!!!

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