This matches, right?

So, you know how when you have a lot of laundry that piles up, and then you get it all done and you just kind of want to admire the empty hamper for awhile?  That’s where I was today.  I had just put my last load into the washer, and returned the hamper to our room.  I actually did open up the hamper just to admire the emptiness.  Then I went and ate a bowl of ice cream to celebrate (bowl 1 of 3 for the day… fyi) and dropped a big glob of chocolate sauce smack dab in the middle of my white shirt.  Arrrrgh!!!!  My perfectly empty hamper moment was over!  Then I realized that I had a brown cardigan on and that the chocolate sauce matched.  So I wore it like that all day. 

Because I know people don’t read this blog just for my musings, I’ll add some cute pictures, just to maintain readership.  🙂

Kate checking out her new piano on Christmas morning

Kate and Lucy in their matching Christmas jammies

All tuckered out from sooo many presents!  : )

Love this girl!!!

Yay!  Uncle Matt's home!!!!!

And again, yay!  Matt's home!!!!!!


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  1. 1

    Heather said,

    I can totally relate to the joy that empty laundry baskets bring! 🙂
    We are so definitely related – the ice cream thing – plus it’s always good to color coordinate your desserts with your outfit.
    Great pics! Glad to see Matt’s home again and enjoying his family time too!

  2. 2

    Kim Palmer said,


    Thanks for the update…love ya

  3. 3

    pureveracity said,

    Ha! Glad you posted that pic of us where it looks like I’m flipping off the camera. Thanks… I love the one of the girls in their matching Christmas jammies!

  4. 4

    auntiekathy said,


    Thank you for updating. I didn’t check yesterday but I thought this morning, what the heck, maybe, just maybe she’ll update, if for no other reason her parents can see pictures of the girls while they’re away on their vacation, and SURPRISE, there was an update. I totally know the feeling about laundry, getting the bathroom sparkly clean, the kitchen the same, guaranteed that something will happen and poof, it starts all over again!!! Absolutely shows you have class that you were able to coordinate your chocolate syrup with your brown cardigan – sounds like a true mom to me!!! Thanks for the pictures, too cute, as always! Good to see Matt was enjoying that sisterly show of affection!

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