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Well, my reasons for not updating my blog are many.  Here are a few: 1. Our wireless internet has been absolutely ridiculous over the last couple of months.  It has worked about 2% of the time (that’s actually not an exaggeration), and so I can’t use the laptop to update my blog.  2. The wordpress site does not work well on our desktop and will randomly delete entire posts, so I don’t like to use that computer for updating my blog.  3. I don’t like to type out blog posts on my phone.  4. I’ve been busy with renewing some certifications for work.  5. I’ve been much more busy chasing after a very busy toddler.  That being said, I thoroughly enjoy reading the blogs of others and so will honestly try to update more frequently.  I’m sure my two readers will be pleased.  : )

This isn’t going to be a long post because it’s already almost 10:30 and my alarm is going off at 4:45 and I’d like to get a little more studying in tonight.  Here are a few pictures and an extremely brief recap of the last couple of months.

Easter!  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Kate’s first Easter, and I can’t believe how much she’s changed.  When I look at last year’s picture next to this year’s, it boggles my mind. 

We got to go on vacation with our wonderful friends, the Blenkers, which was a very welcome retreat from everyday happenings.  I really didn’t take many pictures, but did take a couple from a run that Candice and I took one morning.  The weather was gorgeous and as we were running toward the lake, we both felt compelled to stop and revel in God’s glorious creation.  I truly felt awestruck at the beauty and both Candice and I said out loud , “Good morning, God!!  Thank you for creating such beauty!” This picture does not do that morning justice, but you’ll get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Kate continues to grow and change at an astonishing pace. She is so sweet and is my good little buddy and helper while Chris is at work.  She loves to do anything that I’m doing and keeps me very much on my toes.  It seems like she changes overnight and I still can’t believe some of the “big girl” things she can do now.

That’s all for this post, but please feel free to check back earlier than three months from now… hopefully I will maintain this blogging motivation and there will be new posts much  more frequently.


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  1. 1

    ashleyboom said,

    loooove that cute little Kate! She’s getting so big. Thanks for sharing!! I noticed the Little Critter book in one picture… I love Little Critter. 🙂 The teacher-side of me gets really excited about those things. You cannot read to/with your child enough! It’s HUGE in helping their growth and development! Way to go, cousin, you’re a good mommy! Love you!

  2. 2

    Jane said,

    Well—it was worth the wait! Thanks for posting the pictures!!

  3. 3

    auntiekathy said,

    Thank you for updating. Such a sweet, precious little girl who is growing up so fast. I love the picture of her eating the corn on the cob, she looks like she is totally “into it”. The picture of the lake is beautiful – – -God did do a pretty terrific job in creating such beauty for us to enjoy!!!

    Hopefully once the boys get out of school on the 22nd, we could hang out for a couple of hours with you (told Beth the same thing) as they are having Kate and Lucy withdrawal as am I. They ask at least once a week if we could PLEEEEEZE go see them.

    Glad you enjoyed your little break up in the mountains and don’t work/study too hard.

    Love you much!

  4. 4

    Heather said,

    I was so excited to see your update! Yay!! We’ve been missing you guys! I can’t believe how much Kate has changed in the past few months! Isn’t it amazing? (When Jess was Kate’s age she used to blow me away when she would use new words that I didn’t know she knew.) It’s so fun to watch these little ones growing up! Hope you get a chance to slow down a bit this summer – sounds like you are one busy Mama with Kate, work and school too!
    Can’t wait for the next posting/update – I’ll be checking back sooner than the 3 month deadline. LOL 🙂
    p.s. I noticed the Lil Critter book too Ash! My kids all love the Critter books too. We are currently stuck on a Berenstain Bear groove with Joshy right now….
    I’m sure he’d highly recommend them to Kate!

  5. 5

    auntiekathy said,

    Hey Erica, four comments – see there are more than two people who care about your blog. I keep going back to look at those sweet pictures of Kate, so keep up the good work – you have many fans!!! 🙂

  6. 6

    Claudia said,

    I loved the pictures of Kate! What a sweet girl! She is growing up so fast! We had you mom and dad over last week and you sent your dad a video of Kate climbing in and out of her high chair…! Oh my goodness! What a monkey!!! She looked so proud of herself! I know she brings you guys a lot of joy!

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