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Chilly weather cutie

Although a couple of days ago the temperatures were around 90, today it was only in the 50s with a pretty chilly wind.  Now, I really don’t like cold weather (at all!!), but Kate got a cute new hat so I decided to brave the “cold” weather and head out for a walk.





In other weather related news, I’m running a half marathon on Sunday and it’s only supposed to be a high of 50 and a low of 34.  And windy.  And rainy.  (The average temperature for October 4 is 72.)  So… yeah….


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Oh, the things you can learn!

The other morning Kate was quietly playing in the bathroom while I, well, went to the bathroom.  She was being so good that I didn’t think much of turning around to wash my hands.  When I turned back around she was smack dab in the middle of this:


She was having so much fun I couldn’t bear to stop her (plus, it was rather cute), so I instead dashed out, grabbed my camera, and came back just in time to see her smiling proudly next to her finished pile.  So fun.  : )



I was also realizing that at some point I am going to have to relinquish some control over meal time.  I figured that unless I want to be spoon feeding her in kindergarten, I probably  should allow her to try and figure out how to self feed.  It’s a messy lesson, I tell you what.




And finally, I leave you with a picture of one of my very favorite things about fall.  : )


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I walked into our room the other day (I’m sure I was going in to make our bed, since it is clearly quite rumpled in this picture…) and found Astro sitting like this:



He was just sitting there looking out the window at some birds.  He looked at me like, “What’s the problem?  Cats sit like this sometimes, okay?”

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Kate’s Puff

I’m not sure if I’ve yet captured the cuteness of Kate’s puff. When she was younger it was just a sweet little curl in the middle of her forehead (isn’t there a nursery rhyme about that? Hopefully Kate won’t be like that little girl..), but as she’s grown up, it’s increased in volume and size until it has become this glorious poufy puff on top of her head. Absolutely precious! : )





Also, I want say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad!!  So, happy birthday, Dad!  Hope you have a great day!!!

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Gotta give the people what they want!

And by people, I mean my mom and dad who have requested a blog update.  : )  So here’s a brief-ish synopsis of the last few weeks…

I started painting our kitchen and am sooo pleased with how it’s turning out.  The color is one that I stole from Beth and Casey’s master bedroom, and I was a little nervous because it’s not your typical kitchen color, but I really like it!

(new color on the left)

(new color on the left)


curtains made by my sweet mom



In other news, I’m training for another half marathon that I’ll be running on October 4.  I’ve been training with three good friends which has been a lot of fun.  What was not a lot of fun was the traumatic incident we had a few weeks ago in which we were chased by a goose for close to half a mile.  And wow, that sucker got close!  At one point while we were running away, I turned around to see how close it was and its wing flapped my arm.  The goose incident had quite a horrific ending (which shall not be discussed) that left me unable to sleep for a couple of days.  It was terrible.  And it completely changed where I feel safe to run.  Don’t laugh!  This goose was terrifying I tell you!!

Hmmm, what else…  we got together with Chris’ family a while ago for some good summer fun.  My nephews are great!  So funny.  : )







Also, a friend from work gave me these cute little veggies.  They’re cucumbers!  Lemon cucumbers to be exact.  They’re almost too fun to eat!



And finally, of course we’ve been having so much fun with Kate.  She took five steps tonight toward Chris and is turning into such a big girl!!

looking out the window at Chris mowing the lawn

looking out the window at Chris mowing the lawn





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